Female Ejaculation: The Great Debate & Mystery

We have achieved so many milestones in the world.  From airplanes flying high in the sky and across the world to the invention of the personal computer, which later brought us the internet that now allows us to connect daily with people all over the world instantly.  Yet, with all this innovation and more major achievements from humankind, female ejaculation is STILL widely misunderstood.  This baffles me and I have been wanting to write about this for a long time.  So now that A Fitness Tech Diva has a Sexual Health blog section, here goes 🙂 

What Is Female Ejaculation??

female ejaculationFemale ejaculation….what it is?  Is it simply forcibly excreted female secretions?  Is it urine?  Is it something else??  Believe it or not, these are still questions many have, many of whom have not experienced this (wonderful) phenomenon as well as the health and science community.  Because of this, the topic remains widely misunderstood in the world today and often leaves those who experience this too embarrassed to even talk about it publicly.  To add to this, it is difficult to find good information on female ejaculation.  The questions surrounding female ejaculation go back centuries with references in early Kama Sutra writings then later early 1900s studies identifying it as similar to semen.  But, shamefully, in today’s world female ejaculation has been concluded by some studies simply as another form of urine…yes, pee.  Well I wholeheartedly DISAGREE.  First of all, female ejaculation does not look nor smell anything like urine….it is actually odorless and colorless.  The consistency of it can range from lube-like to watery.  While some studies have concluded that it is urine (which has driven some ladies who’ve never experienced it to ridicule those who have), other studies have not and, therefore, the question still remains…what is it?  As one article explains: “They and other researchers analyzed female ejaculatory fluid and found that it is not urine, but rather a combination of secretions from the paraurethral glands that chemically resemble prostate secretions in men” (Castleman).  The Skene’s gland is also often associated with female ejaculation and referred by some as the “female prostate”.

Personal Perspectives

There have been some surveys done on women who have experienced female ejaculation where they provided some insight into this “mystery”.  As one woman stated: “I think it’s awful that we’re being told it’s “damaging” and can’t be scientifically proven. A little cheerful ladiesover a hundred years ago, scientists didn’t believe the female orgasm existed either, but now we know that was completely wrong. It’s still a taboo.”  (Hills)  Another stated: “It’s really misunderstood. Some people even think it’s disgusting and “unnatural” (Hills).  And another: “When it first happened to me I spent so long looking for information about it and I just couldn’t find any because it is so widely dismissed. If I hadn’t had such a wonderful, loving girlfriend, my worries that I’d peed myself could have stressed me out and led to me worrying about sex” (Hills).  Female ejaculation is one of the most AMAZING feelings a woman can ever have…so awesome that it can literally take your breath away!

Potential Health Benefits

Why is something so absolutely awesome for women STILL so widely misunderstood with such a great lack of studying that it is viewed by many as taboo and unnatural?  I really hope this can change sooner than later…not only because many women are missing out on this AMAZING experience.  But also because of the potential wonderful associated benefits.  With that said and to wrap up this post, since I could not find much on the health benefits of female ejaculation I’ll run through a list of those I found for male ejaculation (and equate them to the benefits for women who ejaculate).

female sexual health

  • Frequent ejaculation lowers risk of prostate cancer because it releases toxins and carcinogenic cells (remember this is compared for female Skene gland)
  • Helps to relieve stress as heartbeat and blood flow increases
  • During orgasm, dopamine, which is associated with the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, is released and following the climax the love hormone oxytocin and endorphins.  Since ejaculation tends to be even more intense than a typical orgasm then this benefit should only increase 🙂
  • Can help fight off depression with the release of mood-enhancing hormones

Maybe there will be more studies on the mystery of female ejaculation so that it becomes much more understood and embraced. But for now be happy if you’re one of the very few women who gets to occasionally enjoy this amazing, breath-taking experience 🙂


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