Easy Ways to Stay Fit During the Cold, Winter Months Without Leaving Home

Many of us, including me, have realized that staying fit during the colder months of the year can be a challenge.  I mean think about it….it’s cold outside so you don’t want to go for your routine jog and possibly catch a cold.  The days are shorter so you may be less inspired to wake up early in the morning to work out (when it’s still dark!) or hit the gym after work (when it gets dark!).  And colder weather just seems to make many of us want to spend more time in the house…and you know what that can equate to….lots of bad eating and laziness!  Then you have the “comfort food” factor to think about. These hearty dishes that are faves during the winter can get you in trouble if you’re not careful.  Enjoying too much of these dishes such as pot pies, cobblers, fried chicken, and a big hunk of cornbread to go along with that huge bowl of stew or chili you’re eating isn’t a good idea if you want to stay summertime-fine. [tweetthis]Using these tips can help curb that cold weather urge to skip workouts and indulge in too much food. [/tweetthis]

veggie quinoa soup

Instead of your typical beefy vegetable soup I cook this vegan version that contains quinoa and a variety of delicious vegetables…just as hearty with less fat & calories!

Find alternative, healthier “comfort food” dishes

Living a healthy, fit lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t ever enjoy the foods you love…even comfort foods.  But there are healthier ways you should consider when preparing these foods.  For example, instead of the hearty chicken pot pie you’re accustomed to maybe instead you can try a cauliflower crust version of it (recipe coming soon!).  Or for your fave beefy pot of chili you love to cook maybe instead you should try adding a leaner beef or turkey meat. Decrease the amount of meat you add to it while increasing the vegetables such as stewed tomatoes and chopped sweet peppers to keep it nice and hearty.  You can even make a meatless, veggie version of it.  Finding healthier alternatives for your comfort food dishes allows you to still enjoy the foods you love without all the guilt.

Gym membership helps but stock up on those workout videos!

Since you may be less likely to go for your daily jog or be as active during the cold, winter months it’s nice to have a gym membership to help keep you on track.  I like to go to the gym to use the treadmills for running, which helps me maintain my pace

workout at home

Having a variety of workout videos and equipment at home comes in handy during those days when you don’t feel like leaving the house.

while taking a break from my outdoor runs.  But what about on those dreadfully, freezing days when you don’t even want to go outside? Of course the last thing you probably want to do is get out and go to the gym!  This is where those workout videos come in handy.  I have a nice variety myself ranging from 20 minute to 45 minute workouts at different levels of intensity.  The variety keeps me from getting bored with the workouts.  It also keeps my body from getting too used to me doing the same workout over and over again…something that can lead to less effective workouts over time.  I also suggest keeping some simple workout equipment at home such as arm weights, resistance bands, kettle balls, and fitness balls.  If you don’t want to use a workout video then just turn on some music and use some of this equipment for a workout that’s just as or even more effective.

Stand up!

Try standing during things around the house such as eating dinner or watching a TV show.  This can help burn extra calories.

Try standing during things around the house such as eating dinner or watching a TV show. This can help burn extra calories.

Try standing while doing things around the house you typically sit for such as eating or watching TV.  You can burn extra calories just by standing instead of sitting and this can add up to a substantial amount in one day depending on how much more standing you choose to do.  I sometimes stand while eating dinner.  Anything helps!

Get help from the kids!

Pic courtesy of https://jbugoci.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/silhouette_kids_running2.gif

Chasing kids around the house is great exercise…no further explanation needed! Pic courtesy of https://jbugoci.files.wordpress.com.

Play more with the kids!  You can chase them around the house or join in their wrestling matches if you’re brave enough.  This is sure to allow you to burn calories and maybe even bust a sweat!

Visualize It

Keep a picture of how you looked (or how you want to look!) in the summer wearing something such as a sexy dress/outfit or

Keep an old pic of you during your better, more in-shape days...or a pic of what you'd like to look like for motivation.  Pic courtesy of http://teachingthoughtfullearners.pbworks.com.

Keep an old pic of you during your better, more in-shape days…or a pic of what you’d like to look like for motivation. Pic courtesy of http://teachingthoughtfullearners.pbworks.com.

swimwear.  Make it a goal to look just as good or better than you do in the picture.

Hopefully you can find at least some of these tips helpful on how to stay fit during the cold winter months.  There’s more to eating healthy than snacking on broccoli and baby carrots.  With sites like mine’s (www.afitnesstechdiva.com) you can find a variety of fitness tips and creative, healthy, tasty foods that you are sure to enjoy without the guilt of extra bad fats and calories. Check out other sites, as well.  One of my fave includes Aloha, which is a site offering a variety of healthy recipe ideas and fitness tips.  I can’t wait to try the sweet potato veggie chip and baked apple recipes they have featured.  I think I may have a twist of my own to add to the baked apple recipe…I’m working on it 🙂

There’s just too much information out there that is freely available on how to maintain fitness and a healthy diet for all times of the year so be sure to take advantage of it.  The best of luck to you…you can do it!


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