What Is Really Going On St. Louis?

What Is Really Going On St. Louis?

I’m veering away a bit from what I typically blog about.  But I’m feeling very numb this morning because I just can’t understand what has been going on in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri for almost the past year or so.  The world now knows about Ferguson because of the death of Michael Brown […]

Stepping Out On Faith

There’s a song on Beyonce’s latest album called Haunted. At the beginning of the song she talks about the record labels being boring and not trusting them (not trusting them to have her best interest I’m assuming).  There’s also a part where she says “All these people on the planet working 9 to 5, just […]

Six Jobs That Can Earn You Six Figures

Are you ready for a career change that will get you out of the 5 figure salary range (or perhaps less than that)?  Are you ready to get in the upper echelons of salary without years of schooling and a great deal of student loan debt accumulation?  Well hopefully this article can put you on […]

Social Media’s Impact on Relationships: The Survey and Results

I recently conducted a survey on the impact that social media has on today’s relationships.  With the worldwide heavy usage of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram it is certainly to be expected that it would have some impact on relationships and even play a major role in redefining relationships in today’s society. […]

Hey Fellas, 7 Reasons to Lose (or Avoid) That Beer Belly

We’ve all seen an increase in bulging bellies as we get older whether it is with our friends or ourselves. It just seems to be a part of getting older….but it doesn’t have to be nor should it be and for good reasons. While big (non-pregnant) bellies can adversely affect the health of men and […]

Need To Come Up With A Cool Date Night? There’s An App For That!

So you recently met someone or maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you are struggling to come up with great date night ideas.  Sure you can search online through numerous sites but that can become a bit cumbersome sometimes.  Maybe you just need this type of information available where it is […]

Side Hustles That Really Work

Are you looking for a little extra pocket change to compliment the income you get from your day job?  Maybe you have a couple of house projects you’d like to complete and need to save some extra cash.  How about starting that “rainy day” account you’ve been wanting to open but continue to put off? […]

Popportunities Popcorn Shop: A Snack Monster’s Heaven

If you are a “snack monster” like me then I am sure that you are on the constant hunt for new “good eats” to try. I recently decided to try out some popcorn from a shop not far from my house that I had become curious about (and that my daughter had asked me a […]

Social Media and Relationships

OK let’s talk relationships.  Many people say they want to experience true love with someone.  They want to experience being loved unconditionally.  They want the loyalty, respect and affection given by their significant other.  So why is it that when so many have this they abuse it?  And why has social media played a major […]

Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

So Valentine’s Day 2014 is practically here and you are still scrambling around for ideas on how to spend it with your boo!  Well don’t fret…even with it being a day away there’s still time for you to plan something to remember.  So check out my list of ideas below.  Hope this helps!!