Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – My Review

Wouldn’t it be great to take a jog while listening to your fave tunes on a surround sound system?  How about a surround sound system that notifies you of phone calls that you can answer then talk on hands-free without interruption to your workout?  To top it off, you get all this wearing nicely cushioned headphones on your ears that don’t shift or bang against your collarbone while jogging (I’ll elaborate on this in a minute).  Sounds like the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear headphones are just what you need.  Check out my review here.


I have a pair of the LG bluetooth earbuds.  Pretty cool device that I found handy for taking calls hands-free during my workouts.  But one of the most annoying things I find with these is how it bumps against my collarbone when I jog….it irks!  I don’t understand why Bose bluetooth on-ear headphonesthis wasn’t thought of when this type of devicewas made.  Maybe they weren’t made with the “fitness freak” in mind.  This is where the Bose on-ear headphones win.  Already a preference for me because I don’t have to stick them into my ears to get the full sound such as I do with my LGearbuds, the Bose headphones also come with well-cushioned, seemingly a bitsoundproof ear pads.  These ear pads don’t shift while working out so I don’t miss a beat while listening to my fave tunes.  And there’s no extra piece you need to wear around your neck as with the LG earbuds…so no bouncing against my collarbone while going for my morning or evening jog (yaay!).


All bluetooth devices are not created equal and I will say that the Bose headphones rank at the top of my list.  There are no wires to deal with such as with my LG bluetooth headphones.  And the fact that all I have to do is tap a button to answer calls then finish them Bose bluetooth on-ear headphonesout hands-free is an added (andmuch needed) bonus.  They also come with a handy little pouch to store them in that I liked, too.


If you’re looking for deep, clear sound that makes you forget that you’re wearing a device over your ears then the Bose on-ear headphones are what you want to consider.  I found that not only was the sound coming from these headphones great because of the technology put on the inside of them (which Bose is known for and consistently great at) but also because of the ear padding.  Even when I didn’t have on any music wearing the headphones seemed to block out a good amount of sound around me.  Sometimes I’d actually wear them while working at my desk just to tune out everyone around me…worked well for this!  These headphonesare made from great quality materials inside out so you can have a great listening experience.


At $249 from Verizon and most other places I’ve checked I think these are definitely a bit pricey.  Personally, I’d like to see them cost $199.  BUT…this is a Bose product and has some great features.  So for the surround sound, comfort, and bluetooth convenience that the Bose on-ear headphones offers I think this is a very competitive and fair price compared to similar popular branded headphones.  You get what you pay for and with these, just as I did, I know you’ll find them well worth the money.

My only gripe about these headphones is the material that the headpiece is made with.  The top part of the headpiece is made with a cloth-like material. And this part was white on the pair I tried out. So after wearing them for about 2 weeks there were a couple of light fingerprint smudges on them.  BUT fortunately these headphones Bose bluetooth on-ear headphonesare available in black, as well, so those would be the pair I’d spend my money on.  If this wasn’t the case, though, this would definitely be a deal breaker for me.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful.  Overall, I think these are a great pair of headphones that won’t let you miss a beat during your workouts or even while just walking around the house cleaning. Check em’ out on the Verizon Wireless website here if you can.

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