Advantage of Utilizing the Internet for Restaurant Nutritional Fact Information

Yesterday I didn’t bring my lunch to work today so I thought I’d order something.  I see people order Jimmy John’s all the time at my office so thought I’d give that a try.  But I was FLOORED when I read the nutritional facts online for some of their sandwiches.  Years ago, we didn’t have the Internet to provide such information…and many restaurants didn’t care to provide it, either (some still don’t).  Doing a simple online search of restaurant menu nutrition facts will have you reconsidering what to order at these places or where to eat altogether.  Let me give a few examples of the Jimmy John sandwiches that I found were surprisingly high in calories, fat, and sodium.  I’ve also found this to be the case at some of my other fave restaurants, which is why I rarely eat out anymore.  I choose to prepare most of my food at home so I know exactly how much of what I’m putting in it.  Wanna see what I found so far?  Then read on.

Jimmy John’s

I couldn't believe the amount of saturated fat in this veggie sandwich!

I couldn’t believe the amount of saturated fat in this veggie sandwich!










food deception

A vegetarian sandwich with this much saturated fat and sodium..why??










food deception

1,000 calories in one sandwich…no thanks.









food deception

This isn’t as bad as their Club Tuna sandwich but still has a great deal of sodium…too much for one sandwich.










Here are nutritional facts for some likely dishes I may order from one of my fave restaurants, 54th Street Bar and Grill, some of which surprised me:

healthy food deception

3297 mg of sodium (maximum recommended daily amount is 2300 mg so this is WAAAY too much…and the saturated fat is outrageous! Best part of this dish is the 41 grams of protein it contains.











healthy food deception

I actually don’t think this dish is too bad…it does have a little trans and saturated fat in it. The cholesterol is also a bit high but that’s to be expected with salmon. I’d still order this but would just watch what I eat for the rest of the day.











veggie burger

4 grams of trans fat and 1,880 mg of sodium…YIKES! Best part of this burger is the 25 grams of protein it offers. When I order this I only eat half of it and save the rest for the next day.










simply grilled

Not too bad compared to the other dishes…but does have 2 grams of trans fat.











Here are a few others that surprised me:


houlihans lettuce wrap

The sodium in this APPETIZER is too much. Eating this along with your meal will likely put you well over the recommended daily limit for sodium (2300 mg).











food deception

Look at the amount of sodium in this burger. Like really? For one VEGGIE burger???











Look, by no means am I saying people should not eat out at restaurants or order these items these two restaurants.  I still eat at these and other restaurants sometimes…I just don’t do it nearly as often as I used to when I wasn’t as health-conscious.  I’ve found that one of the keys to maintaining a fit, healthy but realistic lifestyle is continuing to enjoy the foods I like in moderation.  So for example, if I go to 54th Street Bar and Grill and purchase the veggie quesadilla, instead of eating the entire thing along with some chips and gringo dip the way I used to do I now only eat half of the quesadilla and drink plenty of water with it.  If I want something else then I’ll order a simple salad (not one overloaded with cheese, croutons, or any other fatty toppings) with light dressing.  And since I’m a wine lover I may treat myself to a glass of Merlot (typically only between 100-150 calories per glass).  Or say I decide to get that vegetarian sandwich from Jimmy John’s and end up eating the whole thing.  Knowing its nutritional facts (and tracking what I’ve eat using MyFitnessPal) I’ll just eat light the rest of the day.  So I may have a lighter-than-usual dinner or protein shake as a replacement.  Also, when I tend to eat anything this high in sodium I try to follow it with more water than what I usually drink…so maybe like an extra glass or two for the day.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that living a healthier lifestyle is boring and requires eating only fruits, veggies, and bland meats every day.  I sure don’t.  Just remember these key points:

  • Drink lots of water…at least half your body weight in ounces and more if you’ve eaten badly or if you’re trying to lose a few pounds (works for me every time!)
  • Find opportunities to burn extra calories such as taking a brisk walk or quick run during lunch and taking stairs as much as possible (I recommend getting a fitness tracker to track your steps and calories burned daily….I currently use the Fitbit Flex for this…check out my review here)
  • Use technology to your advantage…a simple online search will show you the nutrition facts for almost any restaurant’s menu
  • And most of all… eat what you like…just in moderation and using your best judgement

Hope this helps…best wishes on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!!  Remember that living a healthier lifestyle is doing your mind and body good….always invest in yourself!

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