A Fitness Tech Diva Travels: Hotlanta Eats!

I just returned from a super fun girls trip to one of my fave cities….Atlanta, Georgia!  A couple of my girls and I went down for the Pepsi Funk Fest two-day concert event, which was a blast.  Over a two day period we saw some of our fave acts from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s such as Jon B, Naughty by Nature, Goodie Mob, T Pain, Snoop Dog, SWV, TLC, Babyface (who BTW put on a surprisingly EXCITING, excellent show and mad respect to him for all the songs he has written for others, which he sang during his performance), and New Edition. It was just a wonderful trip.  But I know what you may be wondering.  What is a fitness freak like me going to eat and drink throughout an entire “kickin’ it” girls trip? You’re probably thinking there’s no way I stuck with my healthy eating regimen.  Well, for the most part I did…but not because I deprived myself while watching my girls indulge in tasty eats and drinks.  Remember, MODERATION is KEY!  This rule of thumb is what got me through the weekend.  So check out what I had below.  Oh, and by the way, the Residence Inn we stayed at in Buckhead had a nice little fitness room…in addition to the normal treadmill and elliptical workout equipment you would expect to see they also had a nice set of weights available.  So I thought that was pretty cool and, of course, had to add that to my workout.hotel fitness center weights
Ok on to the eats and drinks!  I’ll just start off by saying all of these spots were in nice locations and had great prices.

First stop: Rock n Taco
What I had: crab cake, fish, and veggie tacos
lettuce wrap healthy tacos

lettuce wrap healthy tacos from Buckhead’s Rock n Taco

What I loved about this experience: I told the waiter that I was a fitness freak and he told me about their option to switch out the normal taco shell for lettuce instead!!  So I was able to enjoy my tacos without the extra calories and fat that comes along with regular taco shells.

Second stop: Fellini Pizza

What I had: veggie pizza with house salad

atlanta pizza

Great late night ATL pizza joint

What I loved about this experience: The pizza slice was huge and not overloaded with cheese and had the right mix of veggies on it.


Third stop: Landmark Diner
What I had: veggie burger with fries
What I loved about this experience: Great service and prices with a nice variety of dishes offered!  And my veggie burger was on point!  It wasn’t too salty like I find at some restaurants and was just the right size.


Fourth stop: Xaxby’s
What I had: grilled chicken salad (I picked most of the chicken out of it but will tell you why I left some in)
What I loved about this experience: Not much…I’m not a chicken eater.  BUT I did need to get some good protein in me before we headed to the concert so I left just a little of the chicken in my salad.  This salad was also one of the items on their menu with the least number of calories.  But I highly doubt I’d ever eat here again…just because I’m not a chicken eater.


Fifth stop: Scales 925
What I had: glass of Merlot

What I loved about this experience: This is T.I.’s spot and I absolutely LOVED this spot!  While we didn’t get to eat here since the restaurant part had already closed (we went on a late Saturday night) I just had some wine.  But I was so impressed with this spot that I’m definitely planning to eat there on my next visit to ATL.  Featuring multi-levels including one with a cigar/hookah lounge then a rooftop this is definitely my type of spot!

scales 925

Pic courtesy of yelp.com. Their dishes look delicious!


Sixth stop: Woody’s Cheesesteaks

What I had: veggie “cheesesteak” sandwich

veggie cheesesteak

Never thought I would love a veggie “cheesesteak” sandwich as much as I did this one!

What I loved about this experience:  Ok so at first I wasn’t too thrilled about going to this spot because of their offerings…until I saw on their menu that they featured a veggie “cheesesteak” sandwich.  So I ordered it and OMG was it tasty!  The mix of veggies with just the right amount of cheese and whatever sauce they put on this sandwich made it so good that I didn’t even miss the meat AT ALL!  And if you’re looking for a late night, budget-friendly spot after a night of Hotlanta-style partying then this is definitely a great spot!


Last stop: Pappadeaux
What I had: I initially ordered the grilled seafood with dirty rice but sent it back after realizing that dirty rice has pork sausage in it..I know I know should’ve known that!  So I switched it out for the fried seafood platter.
What I loved about this experience:  The seafood platter I had was pretty good but I don’t really do fried foods anymore and I could also tell that it had way too much sodium for me.  So I’m sure I won’t be ordering it again.  But anytime I’m in Atlanta Pappadeaux is a must-stop for me…especially since I’m a seafood lover.  And this particular location (in Marietta, GA) also plays great music and while we were there they even had a live jazz band playing outside!  Whenever I eat here there’s always a great, lively atmosphere and I love it.


 So next time you’re in this “dirty south” city be sure to check out the great eats they have to offer…you won’t be disappointed!

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