7 Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Freak

Having the right gear and accessories is a must when maintaining a workout regimen.  Pedometers, for example, can help one to stay on track during a workout by providing essential information such as calories burned and heart rate.  How about items such as wrist weights that can help intensify your normal workout and allow for extra calorie burn?  And let’s not forget about gear such as the right socks (did you know that they actually have padded socks that provide additional comfort?) or a good sports bra that provides the support a woman needs when working out.  Here are a few ideas on what you can get for that fitness freak you know (or a wish list you can use for yourself).

wrist weightsWrist weights: The cool thing I really like about wrist weights is that they help to intensify my workouts without actually changing up my workout…meaning I don’t have to do any different exercises.  The additional weights I’m carrying help to make for a slightly more intense and sweaty workout that also helps me to increase calorie burn, which is my main goal.  The weights I own are only 1 pound each but make a noticeable difference when I wear them.  Who wouldn’t want something that can help increase intensity of a workout without having to actually change up the workout?

water/sweat resistant headbandWater/sweat resistant headbands: OK I don’t know about you but I sweat A LOT when I work out.  Carrying a towel is not always the most convenient thing to do when, for example, I’m running.  So I decided to try a water/sweat resistant headband and….so far so good!  I have noticed a difference with less sweat coming from the top of my head then running down my face (so annoying!).  So I will definitely say to the ladies that it’s nice to have a few of these on hand.  You can find them in different colors to match your workout clothes, too.  I’ve seen some cute enough to wear even when I’m not working out!

waist pouchWaist pouch: Waist pouches aren’t what they used to be!  Instead of just the big, bulky and sometimes awkward-to-wear pouches that have been available for years there are now much smaller ones.  These smaller versions are large enough to hold your essential items such as a mobile phone, credit card, and ID.  What makes this possible is that they stretch to fit your items.  I recently purchased one of these for the first time at a run expo and it definitely meets my needs…it’s handy enough to use even when I’m just out and about and do not necessarily feel like taking my purse.  I have one from Spibelt.  Paid 20 bucks for it and it is definitely well worth the money!

workout shoesShoes: Wearing the right shoes is very important when working out.  From my own experience, I can recall getting blisters on the inner part of my feet while running in the wrong type of shoes.  Wearing the wrong shoes while working out can also cause other injuries to your body as well as slow you down.  Depending on the type of workout you may want to do a little research to find what the best type of shoe may be.  Nonetheless, I’m sure the person receiving a great pair of shoes to work out in will be very thankful for this as a gift.  Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have a stocking large enough to hold them 🙂

workout socksSocks: The right shoes are important to wear but have you ever thought about the wearing the right socks?  Although I don’t think it’s as important as wearing the right shoes wearing comfortable socks can also benefit one while working out.  Also, just like wearing the right shoes a good pair of socks can help prevent blisters that may result from working out.  Some socks can provide extra foot and ankle support while others may soften your landing and help to increase speed.  Just think how much a workout can be improved by simply wearing a great pair of shoes and socks!

headphonesHeadphones/ear buds: Not much to say here since this item speaks for itself.  A cool playlist or music streaming service can make a workout easier to get through by keeping you motivated. If you’re willing to pay a little more you can even get the wireless ones.  A good pair of headphones or ear buds is a must have for the fitness freak.

Courtesy of globalsources.com

Courtesy of globalsources.com

Pedometer: Pedometers help us keep track of our workouts by providing essential information such as heart rate, calorie burn, distance, and number of steps taken.  You can also find them available at various prices depending on what features you are looking for.  I found a basic one for as low as $3 at a dollar store.  While you can download pedometer apps it is nice to have one independent of your mobile device that you can easily wear all day and/or while doing your workouts.

I hope you find these ideas helpful!  And although Christmas is only two days away these are all items that you should easily find in a local retail store.  So get to shopping!


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