5 Cool Social Media Management Tools To Check Out

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When it comes to social media, names like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram come to mind instantly for many.  These social media tools have allowed many people and even companies to connect with others across the world and set networking at an unprecedented level.  People of all ages ranging from very young, elementary school-age children to senior citizens have taken advantage of social media and what it allows us to do such as sharing pictures, stories, and random updates on what’s currently going on in our lives.  For many, talking on the phone is something that is a thing of the past with social media apps being available on mobile devices allowing us to take these tools everywhere we go.  But there are a number of choices of social media tools to choose from and it can become a hassle to manage them all.  So what is the solution to this new type of problem?  Well, it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s a list that may help:

TweetDeck: Featuring a timeline customized to read and post your tweets, this tool also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts at a time.  I love it just for this!  With ease, I can switch between my Twitter accounts and even post tweets to all of them simultaneously.  I actually use it more than my regular Twitter app.  Definitely a winner!  But, as I did research of other tools available out there I discovered that maybe I’ve been missing out on tools that can offer even more going beyond Twitter.  Keep reading.

Swayy: Do you have a Facebook page or your own site?  Are you constantly looking for relevant articles that you can share with your followers?  Then Swayy may be the social media tool that meets this need for you.  Available as a dashboard-type source of interesting content, Swayy makes it easy for you to share information with your followers even at scheduled times throughout the day.  It has gotten rave reviews for those who need a great source of interesting content available in one convenient place when you need it instead of requiring you to search the web for it.

SproutSocial: If you have your own business along with multiple social media accounts where you are constantly trying to monitor your reach, this can become overwhelming at times.  Think about it.  You may have to log into your Twitter account to monitor activity there then your Facebook account to do the same.  Or you maybe you’re trying to keep track of followers you’ve gained and lost as well as who they are such as demographic information.  Maybe you just need the right tools that are easily accessible that will help you gauge how effective your social presence is while also providing the capability to identify opportunities for increasing your reach.  SproutSocial is a great tool that allows you to do all of the above and more.  Although a bit pricey at a base price of $39/month per user, based on many reviews SproutSocial is an effective tool for managing your social presence all in one place giving you visibility to key information that can help drive the success of your brand.  And in a world where just about anyone in business has some type of social media presence the competition is ever-growing making it even more vital to your success to stay on top of who you’re reaching and opportunities for increasing that reach.  With the rave reviews along with a free 30-day trial, it is definitely worth checking out.

Everypost: For you social media addicts who post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others you have accounts with I’m sure you would LOVE to post to all of these from one convenient tool.  Everypost is the tool that will allow you to do this…just as the name indicates.  You can write messages, add pictures, videos, and even hashtags to send off to multiple social media apps simutaneously.  There is even an option that will allow you to send to your email.  You can customize your content based on where you’re posting to, as well, if you wish.  Everypost currently works with posts for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.  So no longer do you have to deal with the hassle of switching between social media apps to post content on your pages because Everypost allows you to do that from one convenient app.  And what’s even better is that such a cool app is available to download for FREE!

Buffer: It is great to have a social media management tool that allows you to post to several of your social media accounts at once.  But it is even better to have that convenience along with the capability to schedule those posts throughout the day.  This is what Buffer can help you achieve.  With one easy click, you can post content to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, App.net and LinkedIn accounts throughout the day at scheduled times you choose.  Additionally, Buffer offers the benefit of providing you with visibility to insightful analytics that allow you to see what is working and what is not working in your strategy to reach your audience.  Although there are small, medium, and large pricing plans available based on your needs, Buffer also offers the option of a free trial.

These are just a few of the cool social media management tools available out there that many people seem to enjoy using.  But there are many more to choose from, as well, and that list continues to grow.  So do your research and evaluate what will work best for you based on what it is you’re trying to accomplish.  Whether you’re just trying to find an easier way to keep in touch with your networks across multiple social media accounts or you’re trying to stay on top of the target audience for your business, rest assured that there is a social media management tool out there that is guaranteed to meet your needs.

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