5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do With the Kids This Summer

Summer is usually a fun season for all…especially the kids who get to enjoy some much needed time out of school.  During this time, you may want to do a variety of things to assure your children have an enjoyable summer.  And guess what…..you don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money doing so.  In fact, you can come up with your own activities that can be enjoyed by your kids and their friends right in your backyard!  And since you can do these activities right at your home they can be as budget-friendly as you’d like to make them.  So if you’re ready to put on your creative hat and host some memorable summer activities for the kids then read on!

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Camping in the backyard: This works great if you have a deck or patio but can also work on plain grass.  Got a tent?  Set one up in the backyard to create your own mini-camp for the kids to enjoy.  You can even throw in a fire pit where they can roast camp faves such as hot dogs and marshmallows (with adult supervision, of course).  Good times!


Splash Party: If your kids are anything like mines then I’m sure you get questioned numerous times about going swimming to a local pool or water park.  While this is fun for kids and even adults it can also really add up in costs especially when you consider not only admission but also food/snack prices.  On top of that, you’ll likely have to deal with crowds and that’s definitely not always fun.  So how about creating a water park in your backyard?  All you really need is small variety of water toys for the kids.  You can find kid-friendly pools and water toys for very reasonable prices at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and even Family Dollar.  Throw in a few small water toys such as water guns and water balloons and it’s sure to be a great time for all!  You can even create a menu of food from which the kids can order.  The parents can be the waiters/waitresses…just don’t expect much if any tips 🙂


Kid Cookout: Move a birthday or other party outdoors or throw some meat and veggies on the grill and make it a cookout for the kids to enjoy.  Create one for the kids featuring their faves such as burgers and hot dogs along with a variety of snacks and fruity summer drinks.  Set up fun activities to keep the kiddos entertained during the cookout.  Six Sisters Stuff blog has a great list of outdoor activities you can do with kids, which you can find here.


Movie Night Outdoors: Get a few chairs, blankets, and a projector screen and let the kids watch a movie outside.  Create a kid-friendly menu with movie theater faves such as popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and candies.  Of course, you’ll need to have the proper equipment such as the projector and screen, which you can find at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.  But once you have it then you’re good to go.  You sure will save a lot of money with this option because we all know that going to the movies these days is not cheap AT ALL!


Plant a Garden: Get the kids together to plant a neighborhood garden.  They can take pride in contributing their efforts once the flowers start to bloom.  Or they can plant a food garden.  Planting a food garden can be a fun activity that introduces them to urban farming and help them to understand how they can play a role in the sustainability of their food supply.  Treat them to a nice, hearty meal afterwards to show them appreciation for all their hard work.  This is a great fun, educational activity!


You really don’t have to break the bank to assure that your kids have a fun, memorable summer.  All it takes is some creativity and others who may be willing to help you if needed.  Enjoy!

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