#22kill Push-Up Challenge!

I love fitness challenges!  Joining one in early 2015 actually helped me jumpstart my weight loss.  There’s just something about a challenge against others that helps with motivation. But this last challenge I participated in was a bit different for me because it wasn’t about losing weight, building muscle, or anything like that (although it did help some with the latter). The #22kill challenge I participated in involved during 22 push-ups a day for 22 days to help bring awareness to veteran suicide. But why 22?  Based on information provided via the 22kill website mentioned later in this post, an estimated 22 veterans die by suicide daily.  Findings show that this stems primarily from conditions such as PTS, TBI, and struggles with adjusting back to society after leaving the military.

I used my social media platform to help spread the word about this challenge and since then others have gotten involved, as well.  I’m very proud to help bring awareness to such an important issue that does not get nearly as much attention as it should.  One night in IHOP (yes, I did my push-ups there, as well), I got a chance to talk to two marine vets about how they’ve witnessed buddies they served with suffer from issues such as depression.  They said others simply struggled with adjusting to normal society again after being away at war.  And one vet who watched one of my Facebook videos said he actually knew a couple of guys who committed suicide because of their issues.  This really is a SERIOUS problem for many of our vets who have served tirelessly to keep our country safe.  Don’t you think we owe it to them to bring more attention to this issue?

If you are interested in joining the push-up challenge simply do your push-ups with a brief explanation of whyour you’re doing it.  Be sure to include #22kill each time you post a video.  Get others involved and ask them to do the same.  For more information check out the site www.22kill.com.  Let’s show our vets that we care!


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